Identifying Knee Pathology with Surgical Repairs and Replacement of the Knee

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From Allied Health Education, “Conditions of the knee do not happen in isolation rather as part of a connected functional unit influenced by proximal forces from the trunk and hip along with distal influences from the ankle and foot. Using a functional approach to the dynamic neuromuscular and biomechanical factors that pre- dispose us to knee injury and the importance of correcting the influences in rehab is key to successful knee outcomes.

Mechanism of injury, functional and clinical testing for knee impairments will precede presentation and discussion of surgical interventions for: Meniscal repair, ACL procedures, and total joint replacement procedures. The role of physical therapy interventions in management of knee procedures will address acute (precautions and positioning), sub-acute and progression timelines in the post-subacute phases.

This course will use Power point slides, video demonstrations of clinical testing with discussion of the anatomical structures that dictate post-surgical precautions and timelines for knee. Surgical video review of Meniscal repair, ACL procedures, and total joint replacement procedures will be presented with generalized protection and advancement timelines discussed.”

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