Identifying Shoulder Pathology with Surgical Repairs and Replacement of the Shoulder

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From Allied Health Education, “One of the most daunting tasks facing rehab professionals is the in-depth understanding of the shoulder complex and how the intricate anatomy and biomechanics play into the post-surgical and non-surgical rehab process. With the countries aging population, there continues to be a significant rise in patients requiring care for a wide range of shoulder pathologies ranging from tendonitis to total shoulder replacements. Understanding anatomy, biomechanics and mechanisms of injury is critical to the success of the clinician interpreting special test data correctly and ultimately performing appropriate treatment to the post-op patient.

This course will use Power point slides, video demonstrations of clinical testing with discussion of the anatomical structures they isolate and their biomechanical role in shoulder function. Surgical video review of shoulder repairs including: sub acromial decompression, rotator cuff repair, labral repair, Bankart repair, total shoulder, and reverse total shoulder will be presented with generalized protection and advancement timelines discussed.”

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