Management of the Patient with Cervicogenic Headaches

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Course Description

From Allied Health Education, “This is a lecture based course that will discuss the incidence of cervicogenic headaches and the need for effective management of these patients. Those with cervicogenic headache report a lower quality of life and a greater loss of function as compared to those with other types of headaches. Physical therapists are well poised to provide effective treatment and management of these patients.

The course will discuss the typical presentation of these patients and the differential diagnosis of patients with cervicogenic headaches from patients with migraines and other non-mechanical causes of headaches.

We will review an appropriate subjective and objective examination for patients presenting to the clinic with a headache due to suspected cervicogenic causes. This course will also provide a review of relevant literature on effective physical therapy management of cervicogenic headaches and will provide suggestions of appropriate manual therapy techniques as well as exercise progressions and concepts surrounding patient education that is important in the management of this patient population.”

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