Headaches of continuing education search

Solving the Headaches of Continuing Education Searches

Continuing education is a requirement for many professionals. Learning continues long after grueling final exams, the toss of a graduation cap, and the addition of a few new letters to a last name.

This means that professionals are almost constantly searching for education opportunities, not only to meet the requirements of their professions, but to grow their careers as well.

However, that doesn’t mean it’s an easy process.

We’ve outlined a few common headaches in the continuing education course search process, as well as an introduction to why we created CE Course Review to tackle these pesky problems.

The Choices Are Overwhelming

“What’s the best course for my area of practice?”

Headache: With SO MANY choices for continuing education, it can be difficult to narrow down a choice that feels like a sure bet. A course that is excellent for a beginner might be boring or wasteful to a more experienced practitioner. What seems relevant on the surface might not the best course for a particular career path. When investing in a course, professionals want to make sure it’s the right path for their interests.

Solution: We often hope that a colleague has attended a course we’re interested in, or maybe we look for groups on social media that might be able to chime in on a course’s value. Here at CE Course Review, we offer objective reviews that rate four different aspects of a course. Professionals can offer insight on an the instructor, the level of material presented, pacing, and overall value of the course. These extra bits of information can help professionals make the right decision for their continuing education choices.

Continuing Education Courses Are Expensive

“I want to take this course, I just don’t know if it’s worth the money.”

Headache: Continuing education courses are expensive. It’s like a little taste of college tuition over and over again. Unfortunately, there are many times when a course might not be worth the hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars that professionals shell out to attend, and this expense is often coming right out of their pockets.

Solution: Some continuing education courses offer subscription services or bundles, which allow subscribers to select multiple courses for a lower rate. Also, online courses can often be found for a lower price than live, in-person courses. Regardless, the key is to find the right course that’s actually worth the investment. Using CE Course Review, professionals can search across multiple companies, for online or in-person courses, and let the community reviews guide their decision.

Professional Deadlines Are Looming

“I had to get my required continuing education hours in, so I just picked something.”

Headache: Professional development hours have strict deadlines in order to remain in good standing with a profession’s governing body. State and national continuing education requirements may differ, meaning 36 hours every three years here, 30 hours every two years there, an ethics requirement every other year… and so on. With busy schedules and limited time, it’s far too easy to fall down the rabbit hole of online searches, jumping from website to website, trying to compare apples to oranges. A scrambling last-minute search for something that meets the requirements in a pinch is a stress we could all live without.

Solution: Thankfully, there are many continuing education providers who offer on-demand courses that can be downloaded in an instant. Other courses might even be available right in your city, as long as you know where to look. CE Course Review works to put all available continuing education courses from all of the different companies in one location, so professionals can efficiently sort their options all in one place. No more jumping from website to website, no more wasted opportunities to find a course that actually works.

Courses Don’t Always Meet Expectations

“The course was fine, I just didn’t learn anything new.”

Headache: Sometimes a course is great, minus the fact that there wasn’t any new information. While a good refresher course can be helpful, when busy professionals carve out the time, the energy, and the money, walking away from a continuing education course with nothing but a reminder feels a bit like a wasted opportunity.

Solution: Courses typically offer insight into their objectives and level of instruction; however, there are times when these highlights still leave a bit to be desired. CE Course Review allows professionals to search for courses based on level of instruction, and sort the results based on a course’s overall ranking. Objective reviews of courses offer the opportunity to rate the level of information presented as well as double check that a course’s information is accurate.

Traveling for Courses Can Be Difficult

“No good courses ever come near my city.”

Headache: Living in a smaller market can mean that professional courses don’t often offer live workshops nearby. That means that many people have to travel long distances to find a course they are looking for. The other option is to find an online course; however, the quality and content of these numerous courses vary greatly.

Solution: There are many times when traveling for a live course can be an opportunity for renewed inspiration and professional networking. Some may even have a budget for travel and continuing education expenses through their employer. However, if traveling isn’t a convenient option, CE Course Review also offers an easy way to sort through hundreds of online courses from different companies, all in one place.

Ready to solve a few of those continuing education search headaches?

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